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5* Atlantis Royal Tower Hotel Paradise Island

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The Cove Atlantis Hotel Paradise Island Bahamas


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5* Hotel RIU Paradise Island

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4* Comfort Suites Hotel Paradise Island

Comfort Suites Hotel Paradise Island

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Bimini Islands diving, BahamasCaves. Blue holes. Coral reefs. Shipwrecks. Walls. Dolphins. Sharks. Stingrays. The variety of islands in The Bahamas present a variety of diving experiences. Lessons and guides can be found throughout the islands. Beginners and experts are welcome.

Blue Holes

Sudden depressions on the bottom of the sea occur throughout The Bahamas. These depressions can range from 100 to 200 feet deep and many lead to underwater cave systems. Divers can easily identify these depressions by the dark azure shape in an otherwise light-turquoise sea.


Much of the cave diving on The Bahamas revolves around holes found inland that are connected to the sea. This makes for both an challenging and exciting diving experience.


Much of the water that surrounds The Bahamas is less than 20 feet deep, which makes an excellent reef system for shallow dives.


Dive along reefs that range from 50 to 100 feet long, with walls that plummet down to several thousand feet deep. In many locations there are huge reef "overhangs" that divers can swim under, along with other water erosions and coral creations.

Lost City of Atlantis, The Bimini Road



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