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5* Atlantis Royal Tower Hotel Paradise Island

Atlantis Royal Tower Hotel, Paradise Island Bahamas


5* The Cove Atlantis Hotel Paradise Island

The Cove Atlantis Hotel Paradise Island Bahamas


5* Atlantis Hotel Beach Tower

Atlantis Hotel Beach Tower, Paradise island, Bahamas


5* Atlantis Coral Tower Resort

Atlantis Coral Tower Resort Hotel, Paradise Island Bahamas


5* Hotel RIU Paradise Island

Hotel Riu, Paradise Island, Bahamas


5* One & Only Ocean Club Hotel Paradise Island

One & Only Ocean Club Hotel Paradise Island Bahamas


5* Paradise Harbour Club Marina Hotel Paradise Island

Paradise Harbour Club and Marina Hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas


4* Comfort Suites Hotel Paradise Island

Comfort Suites Hotel Paradise Island


4* Reef Atlantis Hotel Paradise Island

Reef Atlantis Hotel Paradise Island


4* Harborside Resort At Atlantis Hotel Paradise Island

Harborside Resort At Atlantis Hotel Paradise Island Bahamas

Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Bahamas islands mapParadise Island, originally called Hog Island, is connected to the city of Nassau (the island of New Providence) by two 600-foot bridges. The first was built in 1966 and the second in the late 1990s.

The 685 acres of Paradise Island are developed almost exclusively to accommodate travelers, with resorts, hotels, restaurants, shops, a golf course, an aquarium, and a casino rounding out the amenities. Very few private residences exist on the island.

No matter where you hang your hat at night, your hotel staff or concierge will be more then happy to help plan any sort of trip or tour you would like to take. Most hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the most popular beaches. You can also book trips for scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing through your hotel. Thanks to Paradise Island’s proximity to Nassau, you can also enjoy some of the best attractions in Nassau. Paradise Island also has a couple of great golf courses, or you can always book a trip to visit Grand Bahama Island, as well.

Paradise Island is still the most expensive piece of real estate in the Bahamas, and in general guests find that a vacation there is more expensive than on other islands. Restaurants and nightclubs will reflect the higher cost, as will the hotels. Paradise Island can’t be beat, though, for having so much to do in one small place. Depending on how would like to spend your vacation time, Paradise Island can be an excellent choice.

Paradise Island is best known for the sprawling 'Vegas-by-the-sea resort' Atlantis.

Paradise Island Beaches

Paradise Island beach, BahamasCabbage Beach

One of the more beautiful beaches on Paradise Island is Cabbage Beach. It is ideal for beach walking, swimming or sunbathing. Such water sports as water-skiing, snorkeling and parasailing take place.

Montagu Beach

East of Paradise Island is the Montagu Beach and Fort Montagu. This historic fort was constructed in the 18th century to guard the eastern entrance to Nassau Harbour. There is usually a lot of activity at Montagu Beach, and it is the site of the annual Valentine’s Day Sailing Regatta. Also, local vendors sell fresh seafood (fish, conchs, and lobsters), fruits and vegetables here year-round.

Boating and Sailing at Paradise Island

Paradise Island offers gorgeous waters and spectacular vistas to explore by sea. Marinas and hotels offer a wide range of charters and rentals: fully crewed and catered sailing trips, "bareboat" rentals for experienced sailors, day cruises, small sailboats, motorboats, and jet-skis.

Diving at Paradise Island

Diving at Paradise IslandWarm, crystal-clear waters and drop-offs close to shore make our islands a diver's dream. Mysterious blue holes and caves, historical wrecks and vibrant living reefs, soaring wall dives and thrilling shark watches, all await learning and experienced divers.

The Lost Blue Hole

This natural hole in the open ocean floor is about 100 feet across and 200 feet deep. Here you will find large schools of reef fish, such as sergeant majors, chromis, and angelfish.

Trinity Caves

These caves are a collection of shallow caves with three major openings. In 45 feet of water, the caves go in about 30 feet with the largest opening being eight feet across and four feet high. Look for large lobsters and reclusive groupers.

Southwest Reef

This dive site has a huge, healthy expanse in 15 to 30 feet of water. This reef has beautiful fields of Blade Fire Coral, punctuated by pristine elkhorn and brain corals, providing refuge for schools of grunts along this picturesque reefscape.

Paradise Island Landmarks and Attractions

Versailles Gardens

Paradise Island Versailles Gardens, BahamasThe entirety of Paradise Island was once owned by a man named Huntington Hartford, who purchased a set of Cloisters and statues from an estate in California, originally purchased from France and brought them to Versailles Garden in the Bahamas. The pieces did not arrive at the Versailles Garden with any instruction on their original arrangement or set up, and it wasn’t until 1962 that Huntington employed Jean Castre-Manne to reassemble the pieces in the Versailles Gardens.

The pieces themselves are a collection of statues and art fragments dating from the 12th century. As mentioned above, the arrangement of the pieces themselves throughout the Versailles Gardens may feel a bit random, since they are not necessarily arranged according to their original intentions. The Versailles Gardens also feature some unique flowers and plants, as well as a small temple facing the ocean and a gazebo facing Nassau Harbor that is often used for weddings and other events.

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